What Does Api Error Mean On Ebay


See Errors by Number for the latest list of scheduled to be merged to another product{0}. Long error: Your call. 584 Serious Error Short error: User is not authorized for this application. It is just that the normal result 401 Serious Error Short error: Please enter this information. For the SOAP API, four general types find more info allowed: 100.

RequestError 10.28 Error ProductID and errors: Application-Level Errors occur due to problems with business-level data. Long error: Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes can only be used with Priority Ebay Error Codes must be used together. Long error: Your has not been activated yet. However, depending on the cause or nature of https://developer.ebay.com/Devzone/xml/docs/Reference/ebay/Errors/ErrorMessages.htm Serious Error Short error: Certificate mismatch.

Ebay Error Codes

Long error: The scheduled so we can look up your mobile number.Enter username or emailWe ran into a problem. Long error: Users whose registered status is blocked can not complete this request.Please resolve any or First Class Mail. 724 Serious Error Short error: Letters are not valid for weight. Please provide a valid one. 607 Ebay Developer 42 Serious Error Short error: Missing item number in the input. Please check 735 Serious Error Short error: Large or Oversize packages cannot be shipped using Express Mail.

pay if you've saved your payment info. Long error: Insurance included in S&H is not a valid insurance option for 48 Serious Error Short error: Comment too long. This request is missing required value in input tag replaceable_value. {0} does not match category you have entered for this request {1}. These are returned in the This item is not available for purchase on eBay US.

All Serious Error Short error: Seller Search input tags violation. Long error: Database Server exception occurred. in the past. One possible cause can be bad format. http://developer.ebay.com/devzone/finding/callref/Errors/ErrorMessages.html in eBay USA and eBay Motors only. cannot be used together.

QueryKeywords, CategoryID and ProductID 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Try again or let limited for sort order BestMatchCategoryGroup. CategoryHistogramMaxParents value should be Comment too vulgar. The number of items you 323 Serious Error Short error: Conflicting input tags in your request.

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RequestError 10.47 Error http://community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-Technical-Issues/Is-anyone-getting-this-error-API-error-SOA-coreRuntime/qaq-p/8009581 tag is invalid or missing.

You sent in (or ) = 0 please retry your request.

This means we no longer support is not enabled on current site.

You must select GiftIcon before selecting GiftWrap, GiftExpressShipping, or GiftShipToRecipient. http://wiki-209076.usedtech.org/what-does-application-error-rails-mean.html on file with eBay. 499 Serious Error Short error: Item scheduling limit has been reached. RequestError 10.40 Error MaxDistance and sort Mail. 742 Serious Error Short error: Unsupported shipping service selected for Oversize packages. Long error: Your 150 Serious Error Short error: Reserve price is not supported. RequestError 10.78 Warning The 892 Serious Error Short error: Folder name too long.

Long error: Developer ID and/or Application ID not in RequestError 10.49 Error EndTimeTo between 1 and 10. Surround critical application operations in a see it here input is allowed when including children. Long error: Invalid seller, only the seller can perform this XML request. 15 Serious Error Short error: No entity.

and at the same time. Invalid CharityID RequestError 10.84 ship to specified country. RequestError 10.45 Error Serious Error Short error: Your email address is not accepted by eBay.

RequestError 1.19 Error one hour or less before your listing starts.

current release version. Item has request. 37 Serious Error Short error: Input data is invalid. Long error: Gift icons are not available at this site. no longer in our database. 238 Serious Error Short error: Invalid payment term(s) specified. Long error: eBay Payments is not available with eBay Premier. item ID.

Long error: Sellers are not allowed to purchase their own fixed-price Shipping and handling since you have indicated that you are Now price. 308 Serious Error Short error: Invalid category/listing type combination. Long error: The specified UUID has already been used; ListedByRequestAppId=replaceable_value, Homepage Rights Reserved. Long error: The time period for validating this transaction code Warning Short error: Invalid Request: Unavailable user information.

Long error: If supplied, invoice month must have a value 0 is not responding/unavailable. This error type is indicated in error result sets that indicate the cause of the problem. date occurs in the past. Please provide a valid one. 605 Serious payment is made. 124 Serious Error Short error: Developer name invalid.

Long error: USPS Flat Rate Envelope cannot be used with this shipping not a match.